Loch Jester Ft. Abstract Rude, ​EVOR3VØ°, Ashley Dominique - Great White Shark

from by Long Beach Music Collective

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Loch Jester V.1
White privilege is it why I'm the shit Am I just cultural appropriating
Vulture who just wants some fame I hope not and I wanna change
But the whole world wants a race We pull the card and it's all just hate
Another unarmed black boy was shot today his mother sat their crying and it's not ok
We can remain silent in the face of this violence They've criminalized us trying to find justice
Blind entitlement a title wave on the entire environment and trying to separate is why we're enslaved from every side of it
The higher that you get up to the eye of the pyramid only one percent are deciding how we live
they got pigs on a leash eating children that's why we catch the police with no convictions for murderin
I can't breathe from NYC to Fullerton Rest In Peace to all the innocent that been hurt by them
if we could just see one another to matter this shit wouldn't be so love your brother or serve your master

Abstract Rude .chorus
Murder Massacre crying mothers shouldn't have to burry sons
Word to Africa especially beloved youngens
Urban disaster dying but from the hands of police guns
serve your master or love your brother as every one

Wise fools with out rules trading bodies for Jules police shooting brow people like it's cool
paid vacay and a medal on the news talking bout metal where's the gold shh go to school
federal reserve and the private owned banks prison is for profit get paid not to think
hey let's go to war good idea call frank spend ten trillion on the missiles and the tanks
put it on the people more debt pull rank tax write offs throw some money in their face
kill all the animals destroy all the lakes don't worry bout the kids we're building a moon base
no fresh air chem trails and self hate nuclear waste riding in on the waves
more sugar more meat give em what they crave take all that the slaves gave as they hurry to their graves


Abstract Rude V.3
tased by Tasers so much it doesn't faze ya prayers to that baby in a manger
The lord behold the pale horse ranger nothing can save ya not even Echinacea
less he forgave ya so treat me like your neighbor and indie's not supposed to feel like same bullshit from majors
sicker than the LA river got hit up by Saber if Cali's in a drought can we now get our forty acres and a mule
with no way to water what we sew hell no worse than sharecroppers off to jail we go
you want justice will you use violence or go vote fam ballot or the bullet give me cell phone cam
fight with Johnny no mic or camera was on his body he'll probably say I went for his gun then he up and shot me
now Rikers got the towers got me the tiers got me like can't we all just get along fuck it didn't hear Rodney


Ashley Dominique
And to women who haven't bare child yet maybe filled with doubt and regret
thinking is the place to raise a child in planned parenthood on every corner in every hood is this the end
Master of the arts and lessons to self defend now knowledge of my spiritual attributes will prevail in the end
numbers be the universal language for infinite so money power respect but greed is what they feel in it
health for the wealth while they try manipulating and lessons for the pills and the plants can we mange it
Deprive me of this land I guess we'll build a tower garden never compromising we finding light in the end
Acknowledgement of my color of my skin when you pull me over now lets bot pretend
I know that you see where we stand in this land that we overstand that any body could have been Sandra Bland



from Resist and Shout, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Long Beach Music Collective Long Beach, California

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